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Lynn Heath Pottery

Lynn Heath Pottery

From kitchen
to table

Specializing in functional handmade pottery, made to beautify your everyday life.

Latest news

November 2, 2022

Fall is here and so is our Harvest Holiday Sale. 67 Wrenson Rd in the Upper Beach. Drop in Friday, November 25 from 4-8pm, Saturday, November 26 from 12-6pm, and Sunday, November 27 from 12-6pm. The sale will be on again the following weekend, December 2, 3, and 4, same hours, and during the week and up to December 20 by appointment. Beautiful pottery, harvest produce, and goods. Hope to see you.

mY story

Hi, I’m Lynn

I have worked and played with clay for many years now, studying in Montreal, the Eastern Townships, and Toronto.

I am inspired when I hear that someone used my goblets for their wedding ceremony, or when they tell me that they start off each day reaching for their favourite mug – the one that guarantees that the day will go well. Or when someone bakes apples, from Heath Orchard of course, in one of my baking dishes. It is very fulfilling. This is what clay is all about. It has been forever and continues to be so for me.

A woman sits in a forest, surrounded by tall trees, smiling
Lynn sitting at a pottery wheel, turning a pot

I fire with gas, electricity, and, recently, have been taking part in a number of very exciting and different wood firings. There is no doubt that functional pottery, in all its myriad firings, is really what I am all about.

Your new favourite mug
Shino set
Apple green and purple haze
Superbowls to match any colour scheme
Heidi’s goblets
White and grey blue pitcher and pots
Cloud set
Cloud bowl and noodle bowls
Black and red large plate with small bowl and spreader
Sunset dip set
Sunset goblets and mugs
Cream and yellow mugs and bowls
Sunshine mugs and bowls
African Nights mugs
A large blue bowl
Indigo bowl
A blue bowl with small holes to allow water out
Indigo berry bowl
Emerald cafe au lait cup, pitcher, and jug
3 blue and brown bowls balanced inside each other
Dancing bowls
Aquamarine blue dish, berry bowl, goblet
Purple Haze set
Hug a mug
Blue large bowl, pitcher, and 2 goblets
Antique set
Blue teapot and mugs
Antique tea set
Brown crackled glaze jug
Shino wood-fired jug
Brown and grey pitcher
Shino jug
4 differently-glazed butter dishes with decoratively carved lids
Butter dishes
A number of differently-coloured glazed mugs on a white background
Mugs of all sizes, shapes, and colours
Add a little Sunshine to your life
3 differently-coloured dinner plates
Plates of all sizes and colours
The joys of wood firing

I’d love to hear from you.

Toronto (416) 999-6294 | Eastern Townships (819) 876-2817

All images property of Lynn Heath.